Technical Traders Review – What Is This all about?

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Market trading is a fantastic way to earn a bit (or a lot) of extra money. Not too long ago, trading on the markets was something only people on Wall Streets or other major stock markets were able to do. However, one good thing that came out of the economic recession is that these markets opened up, giving regular people the opportunity to actually make a positive difference to their life on a financial level. Naturally, it is hugely important to understand that trading is actually speculating. This means that there are no guarantees in terms of actually being able to make money. And, because you have to use your own money in order to get onto the markets, there is a chance that you will lose it all.

It is for this reason that people look for hints and tips (called “strategies” on the trading markets) to help them make the right decisions, or at least those that will give them a bigger chance of actually earning some money. Again, due to the popularity of trading on the markets, there are literally thousands of websites around that claim to be able to give you the best tips available. However, one of these websites stood out to me. Technical Traders seem to be incredibly professional and provide information that can truly be very useful in terms of making the right decisions. But just who are they and what sort of information do they provide?

Technical Traders ReviewWho Are Technical Traders?

Technical Traders is a website set up by highly experienced traders who want to provide you with all the information you could possibly need in order to make the right decisions on the market. In order to access this, you need to sign up for an account. There are various accounts available, depending on your geographical location and what you want to learn. Some of these include:

  • Gold and Oil ($59 per month)
  • ETF trade alerts from Active Trading Partners ($99 per month)
  • Stock trade alerts from Active Trading Partners ($149 per month)
  • Ultimate from Active Trading Partners ($199 per month)
  • Market Trend Forecast ($327 per year)
  • Options Trading Signals ($96 per month)
  • Traders Video Playbook ($19.99 per month)

Most of these subscriptions offer discounts if you sign up for six months or a quarter and pay for the full term in one go. It is also very important to check whether they are on a recurring subscription or not. The different packages are made available so that you only receive the signals for those areas you are actually interested in.

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Technical Traders - affiliate programWhat Do Technical Traders Do?

Technical Traders offer a huge range of information, including:

Through their website, you can also find out what you can expect on the markets during the week, which is offered through an easy to watch video. These videos will tell you what the foresight for the markets that week is and why they believe the market will act in that manner. There is also a section on daily trade ideas.

Lastly, the website will offer you a huge range of fantastic information on market insights, such as:

  • Why investors currently have to be careful.
  • Where the knowledge on the markets can be found.
  • What is happening with indexes and why they are behaving in that manner.
  • Whether there are going to be price shocks on specific markets, such as oil.
  • And more.

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Technical Trading ChartsWhat I Liked

  • I found the information provided to be hugely beneficial to my own trading experience. I truly learned a lot from the various insights. Even if I decided not to apply certain strategies, at least I was able to understand why they were suggested in the first place.
  • It is possible to see whether or not previous insights have been correct, by looking through previous information. This is very useful, because it will build up your confidence that the information provided is actually beneficial.
  • There are various different types of subscriptions available, meaning you will only be presented with those buts of information you require, rather than having to filter through tons of markets that you don’t operate on yourself.
  • Chris Vermeulen, one of the experts that provide information, really caught my eye. Every morning, he provides a video and he also sends regular email updates. His strategies are cautious, but incredibly insightful. The information he gives you is really clear. He explains which indicators he has been watching, something that he will share, and how he has interpreted these. It is very common for him to call indicators in a very different way from everybody else, only to find that he was wrong.

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What I Didn’t Like

  • The website can be a bit overwhelming in terms of the information that is actually provided.
  • Chris Vermeulen, who is by far my favorite expert, mainly works in natural gas, SPY and oil. I have never seen him trade in silver and only very rarely in gold, even though he calls himself the “gold n oil guy”, which I find a bit misleading.
  • Chris Vermeulen’s swing trades are very sparse and I would like to see more of them. Because of the way he trades, watching for an entry position, there are many days in which you feel as if all you do is wait rather than trade.

Technical Traders- weekly video analysisThe Verdict

I feel that if you want to get involved in various markets, then Technical Traders may just be the guys for you to sign up with. It is very important to have some knowledge and information behind you if you intend to be successful and that is exactly what this website will provide you with. The information is clearly presented and easy to understand, which is something that really matters to me because we aren’t all experienced stock brokers. I truly believe that this website and the information they provide will give you a much better chance of being successful, which is why I fully recommend it.

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