Trend Jumper Trading System by Premier Trader University Review – Is this any Good?

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Unless this is the very first time you have been online, you will know that anything that is offered for free is probably some sort of scam. Usually, when something is offered for free, what you are really doing is paying with your email address, meaning that you will fall victim to marketing scams and other horrid online problems. However, isn’t it so unfair that we have to spend insane amounts of money just to earn a little bit? I recently came across a program, Premier Trader University’s Trend Jumper Trading System, which seems to be different. It claims to be a free program that actually brings you benefits, meaning that you should be able to earn real money. However, how is this possible? I decided that I would take the plunge and used an old email address to see what the deal was all about and whether this system was real or not. Here are my findings.

Trend Jumper Trading ReviewWhat Is the Premier Trader University?

Premier Trader University has been set up by Brian Short and Mark Soberman, who are also the brains behind NetPicks. They have been creating trading systems and education for nearly two decades, which gives them a huge amount of experience and knowledge. NetPicks remains to be one of the most popular trading systems around and the knowledge that allowed Soberman and Short to build something so successful is what they want to share through Premier Trader University.

Premier Trader University is set up with you – the trader – in mind. It offers a range of different courses to help you trade across various markets. All the lessons are offered online, meaning you don’t have to leave your house to learn all there is to know. They offer a huge range of courses, webinars and training sessions, and the Trend Jumper Trading System is just one of them.

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Premier Trader UniversityWhat Is the Trend Jumper Trading System?

The Trend Jumper Trading System is a program that is currently offered for free. However, you have to make sure you get in there quickly, because the usual retail price is $997, which is a serious amount of money. Truthfully, however, even if you have to pay this amount of money, the things the Trend Jumper Trading System will teach you will help you get that money back in no time whatsoever. If you manage to get it for free, however, it will remain free for life. This just shows the importance of getting in there now.

But what does it teach you? In essence, you will learn how to do all the difficult and risky things on the markets in such a way that they actually work. You will learn how to scalp, use massive risks without risks to you and how to use insane spreads that you would usually avoid to your advantage. It focuses specifically in Forex Futures, which is one of the most lucrative trading markets around.

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Trend Jumper Trading SystemWhat You Get with the Trend Jumper Trading System

When you sign up for the Trend Jumper Trading System, which you do simply by providing your email address, you will receive:

  • The most lucrative indicators that currently exist, allowing you to make fantastic profits.
  • A full training guide, meaning you are able to get involved in the market even if you have never traded Forex before.
  • Regular updates that show you new indicators or new developments in the trading system itself.

What I Liked

There are many things to like about this program. These include:

  • It was developed by Premier Trading University, which is a hugely respected company in terms of physical trading and education for those who want to get involved in trading.
  • It is free. Considering we live in a difficult economy and all we want to do is make money, not spend it, this is a huge pro. Plus, it is free for life, meaning you will get access to any updates as and when they are made available.
  • It is a completely digital program, meaning you can access it at your own leisure, whether at home or from work.
  • Although it focuses mainly on the Forex market, it also includes Futures.
  • It is suitable for novice and experience traders alike.
  • It gives you all the information you require, meaning you can finally take part in trades that you would have previously thought to be too risky.

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What I Didn’t Like

I really struggled to find things not to like, but in the essence of fairness, I had to come up with something. As such, the only thing I could really think about is that the website actually provides very little information on what the Trend Jumper Trading System is all about. Before you really get to know the ins and outs of the program, you have to sign up. However, since the program is free anyway, you don’t have anything to lose by going for it. If you don’t like it, you can simply remove the information and leave it at that. In fact, the website itself tells you that this is an option for you.

Trend JumperThe Verdict

I personally believe that the Forex and Futures market is the best market to get involved in. It is reasonably easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners. Furthermore, it is a hugely profitable market, which is why it is equally suitable for those who have more experience in the world of trading. Because the program was developed by the Premier Trader University, which in turn is created by the brains behind NetPicks, you know that it is a program you can trust. You may even be inclined to purchase more of their training programs, which I would recommend as well, since they are all so good. You really have nothing to lose by giving this program a go – it is completely free after all – and seeing whether the Forex and Futures market is something that you would like to get involved in yourself.

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